Saturday, September 23, 2017
Pryor, Oklahoma

Time to Get Dirty in Oklahoma's Largest Mud Pit! 

Runners can run, walk, jog or crawl through our mud run course on the grounds of the Pryor Creek Rec Center (PCRC).  This muddy race will include great obstacles such as army crawls, rope swings, tire jump, sand mountain, barrel crawl, tight rope walk, a slip and slide and LOTS of mud!  We will have several mud pits along the way, and most obstacles will be in mud.  But nothing will compare to Oklahoma’s Largest Mud Pit…a 150 foot pit filled with the grossest mud in Mayes County! (a.k.a. "The Diarrhea Pit")

It doesn't matter when you cross the finish line, but HOW!  This is not a timed event.  The course is 1 mile long and can be ran twice.  After you have completed 2 laps, we ask that runners leave the course, so the next heat of runners can take off.  We strongly encourage parents to run with their children under the age of 8.  There will be adults and children of all ages on the course at any given time, so please respect the other runners and don't get too crazy!  This race is a wonderful opportunity for parents to join in the fun with their kids and make it a family event!!!
Be sure and wear your old clothes and be ready to trash them after the race.  You will NOT want to wear them again.  We will not be awarding any prizes for the mud run, but runners are encouraged to dress in costume and have fun with this.  Pryor Fire Dept. will be on hand to hose all the runners off after the race.